The Gray Matter Museum of Art (GMMA) will create a diverse multimedia art program and celebration of the talents of local artists at the museum in 2017-18.

Sponsored by the City of Costa Mesa Recreation Division, more than a dozen forms of art will be taught at GMMA over the next year accompanied by exhibits of artworks by the art teachers and periodic special social events.

In addition to showing the public the remarkable breadth and depth of art talent in Costa Mesa and Orange County, the GMMA program will provide morning (adults), after-school (children) and evening (adult) art classes conducted by these artists.

Morning Classes: $40 per class, with $15 supplies fee

Afternoon (After School) Classes: $35 per class, with $15 supplies fee

Evening Classes: $40 per class, or $120 for the 3-day session, with $14 supplies fee

A series of guest artists will be teaching each week.

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Guest Artists

Tori Helf


Sandra Verdult

Teaching Children

Melody Owens


Tom Riehl

Standup Comedy

Linda Ames


Stacy Moffatt

Hand Lettering

Deborah Sado


Angele Buffet


Kate Couch


Kirby Piazza


Brandy Young


Adina Verdult

Event Planning

Sandy Cronacher


Click Here For Times & Registration