Katlin Evans “Sculptor”

Katlin’s art takes shape in the form of everyday objects that carry an ubiquitous weight of experience. Her intension is to convey these objects in a way that reads as an unfolding experience to the viewer, where the object is recognizable yet hard to identify. Her work also relies on the intensity of emotive obsession.

Melody Owens  “Painter”

Kiera Knightley – finished piece – Charcoal & Acrylic


Melody can paint such a variety of works from abstract to detailed portraits. She is drawn to painting the woman form in a classic beauty. Her paintings have a vintage elegance with a contemporary edge. She captures the radiance of soft light by diffusing certain features contrasted by bright colors and textures.

Cheryl Mayhew

Cheryl knows how to take risks, follow her passions, try new things, travel & enjoy life! This young & talented photographer who was born & raised in Japan loves to share what she finds to be wonderous. An OC transplant, eager to snap away at things we all can relate to: family, food, love, pets, and nature. Some of the most wonderful things in life are right under our noses!

Ariane Moshayedi

“Gray Matter”


A photograph is worth many words, but Ariane’s photos can write a novel! The image captured is part art, part skill, & entirely driven by the artisan and her camera. Ariana shoots for natural light & relaxing settings. Her eye for detail is extraordinary. The simple things in life such as a seashell on the beach-she magnifies & highlights to show us that life is what you want to see.

Jeffrey Turnbull

Jeffrey’s work has a distinctive association with style & beauty, capturing elegant forms with a sophisticated eye & restrained hand. Jeffrey believes in beauty, grace, & virtue. Inspirations include myths & legends, divinity, iconography, nature, culture, & the supernatural.

Anjanette & Stephen Cline

An artist duo whose relationship is founded in deep roots of artisan backgrounds. Their expression of ideas is a meld of metal, wood, & light that is not only vintage through inspiration, but bold in expression. Their “vintage marquees” bring much bravado to their vision of that felt experience of what is amazing!

Chelsea Pero


Chelsea has been seriously engaged in transforming overlooked images into a more complex visual experience when presented. The subject matter is fairly spontaneous. She is known for being a colorist who celebrates the subtle, natural beauty of ordinary scenes in a way that is both intense & dramatic.

Meri Wagner “Floral Designer”

Meri knows how to make her garden grow! See how she exhibits her talents & abilities to use her floral creations to bring a sense of beauty, sophistication, & fun to any space. Her philosophy on flowers are that they are much like people, each flower is its own unique art specimen.

Sandy Cronacher

Sandy loves the art of ceramic which is the integration of thought, senses & clay as one molds, moves & weaves design & shape through time to create art. She enjoys utilizing the wheel and also various hand building methods to develop her pieces of ceramic art. A constant balance of strength & delicacy.

Anh Tran “Floral Artist Extraordinaire!”

Each & every day we live in a world of floral beauty & extravaganza! We may not have been the Author of creating either the floral or the fauna, but certainly there are special artisans who have developed gracious & glamorous art through skill by natural talent. Ahn’s gift is evident in her array of artworks on display, all of different dimensions.

Sharon Hardy “Sculptor”

Sharon displays in her pieces the dualities of chaos & order, growth & decay, organic & mechanic. Form, texture, & patterns found in the systems of nature & today’s urban landscapes are her inspiration. The intersection where the natural morphs into technological is the place that she is exploring.

Jose Coli


Always up for adventure & getting his feet wet, Jose is a multi-media artist who has a love for graphic arts, surf photography, & shooting film. His work has elevated local surf, skate, & snow companies to a whole different level. He has the ability to accentuate & enhance fashion design, coastal activity, and nature without losing the rawness & simplicity of such pleasures.

Susan Leonhard


A third generation artist, Susan began oil painting at the early age of 10. By using the talent that was passed down to her, as well as years of study and experimentation, Susan has developed her own distinct impressionistic style. Susan’s “Underwater & Beyond” series was inspired by her love of the Pacific Ocean’s beauty. She wants to capture the surrealism of being under water and wants viewers to feel the peacefulness through her paintings, which focus on the transparency and simplicity of water itself.

Carol Greenwood


Carol is a world-traveled artist, who has recently settled here in sunny Orange County, her final destination. She is influenced by her life travels, and as an artist who was always on the go, she takes her time now to reflect and share all that she connected and experienced in life, and shares with her viewer those experiences. Carol had the ability to meet new people all over the world, saw different views on creativity, and was able to share ideas. Her art helps us open up our own worlds of curiosity, color, and challenge – the ultimate open-mind.

Devon Pedersen


Devon a.k.a. “Devo” has started a series of technical micro pen works that has us all in awe of his eye for fine detail. A true Fine Artist! Local and native to Orange County, this young artist has the talent of a master. Ever so fine and delicate are the pen strands he manipulates into sheer undeniable beauty.

James Hendershott

James Hendershott

An Irvine native, who was trained in illustration and studied sculpture, James has added this precise artistic knowledge to his current featured works. He energizes his art with abstract and real elements, while using electrifying colors. James is inspired by the ever changing tapestry of Mother Earth, along with the full enjoyment of being moved by the portrayals of the emotional nature that we call the human spirit.

Janet Wang

Her love for origami began in first grade when her mother gave her an origami book. Since then Janet has traveled to origami conventions to learn from some of best artists around the world. Her love extends to teaching children origami in after school programs. She is also a photographer who spends half her time in Orange County and the other half in New Zealand. When she isn’t traveling abroad she meets with her group of origami friends to fold every 2nd Sunday of the month. She enjoys difficult modular origami the most because it is an example of life. Everything worthwhile in life requires patience.

Angele Buffet

Through her unique concepts and individual technique, Angele’s art crosses paths between the abstract and natural worlds. Utilizing exquisite color palettes and elegant details, Angele creates a stunning visual in which the viewer is left to wonder.